Focusing Courses and Events


We offer the British Focusing Association Focusing Skills Certificate.  This is a 10 day programme which give you the skills and experience to be able to direct yourself in a Focusing session and be a Focusing companion.  This starts with a 2 day course in Level 1 Focusing.

British Focusing Association - Practitioner Certificate

If you have finished the skills certificate or equivalent you can train to become a Focusing Practitioner.  This is a flexible programme which would be designed around your needs, and it will equip you to introduce new people to Focusing and use Focusing in your field of work.  You can download the description of Jerry’s practitioner programme here: Practitioner programme Nov13.pdf

What you will learn:  Download my article about the The level 1 journey.pdf

Level 1:

You will learn what Focusing is and how to sense inside and find a safe space.  How to listen to yourself and another person with acceptance and compassion.  How to form a relationship with your feelings without getting overwhelmed.  There will be input and plenty of opportunities to practice in pairs or trios.

Level 2: 

How to guide yourself in a focusing session to strengthen your relationship with your inner places.  Understanding the stages of inner relationship Focusing and the map of our inner world.  How to be a companion and support another person in Focusing using reflective listening.

Level 3

Level 3 is about how to deepen your relationship with your inner experience and how to move through the inner landscape more easily.

Level 4

You will learn how to offer simple guiding suggestions to your Focusing partner and  how to ensure you get the right support from your Focusing companion

Level 5

On Level 5 you will consolidate your focusing knowledge and learn about being with more than one part.  This will include recognising when we have a bias or preference for one part and how to move back from this into presence.